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As a stay at home mom I sometimes find myself wondering if I am doing a good job.

My son is entering the terrible twos stage at light speed and I can’t keep up with all of the behavioural changes that go along with it.

I have a few friends who have children that are the same age as my son and it feels good to have a bonding session with them every once in a while.

It is not hard to get into the mindset that your child is the only being on earth misbehaving or acting out.

I see other moms at the mall or grocery store that appear to have complete control over their kids and I wonder what their secret is and how I can get some of their good fortune.

My son is not bad, he is just active. VERY active. There is almost no point in the day when he wants to stand still. He is either running to get a toy, running with a toy or running just to run. Harnessing that energy long enough to get a bit of grocery shopping done can sometimes be tricky.

Over the weekend I had the chance to talk with a few moms who have ‘full term’ babies my son’s age.

After having a great honest talk I found out that my son is not so strange, infact he may even be tame. Every mom I spoke to is having the EXACT same issues that I am having with their kids. Could it be? Yes!

Here’s what I learned: Most kids are the same, they all experience the same behavioural ups and downs, just not at the same time.

It’s important to have a group of moms that you can talk to about new changes in your child. Chances are, your toddler isn’t so crazy, just crazy to you because you may not have anything to compare it to.

Moms with more than one child sometimes have great ideas on how to tackle terrible twos challenges and other stuff that will arise later.

Talking to them and hearing some of their ‘horror’ stories goes a long way and it gives you perspective on your own situation.

I am very lucky to have a great network of moms who are all experiencing the same issues I am. The talks we have about our kids sometimes help me become a better mom because I realize that kids will be kids and none of them are perfect, even though they appear to be for the 30 seconds you are watching.

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