Momversation ~ Which Parent Has the Better Deal?

We’ve all been there. You’re up all night, running around all day. Dishes, laundry, diapers, school pick-ups – it really does feel like you’ll never get everything done. But somehow your spouse is showered and better rested. It’s the age old argument ~ Which Parent Has the Better Deal? He who goes to work everyday or she who runs around after the kiddos all day.

In our house my husband works long hours so I sometimes feel that because he’s not here to referee the mayhem that he has the better deal.  When, in fact, he makes the lunches and does the school drop-off every day before heading to work for a 10 hour shift.  Because each can’t see what the other is up to when they are not together you automatically assume that they have it easy if they are not ‘in the trenches’.

Mom bloggers Heather Armstrong, Maggie Mason, Alice Bradley, Dana Loesch & Karen Walrond weigh in on which parent has the better deal at their house.  Like when you spend an afternoon out with the girls, it’s nice when other moms are honest about parenting struggles.


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