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Monitor Your Baby With The bizzyBee

Having a baby is overwhelming and so is keeping track of what they are doing.

After we brought our son home we were asked to write down when he ate, for how long, how many wet diapers he had and when we gave him his medications.

I found this too much to do and, to my doctor’s dismay, abandoned it after just 12 hours.

Two working moms have developed a monitoring system that is so easy to use, I can’t wait to try it when it is released in January.

The bizzyBee allows parents to record their baby’s data at the touch of a button. New moms will be able to track how long their baby breastfed for and on which side. You can monitor your baby’s sleeping patterns and program dosing times for up to 6 medications.

For long term monitoring, mom or dad can upload the information from the bizzyBee to the computer to view trends or share the information with the pediatrician.

Additional items such as height, weight and vaccine schedule can be added in a personalized diary.

This product is great for parents who have multiples or moms who have just gone back to work.

It reduces the need to have a lengthy conversations with your daycare provider about who the day has gone. All they need to do is give you the bizzyBee with the information and you will be up to date on how the day went.

Even though this product won’t be available until January, you can visit the official site for more information


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