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I don’t even have to go looking for great articles on breastfeeding they just fall in my lap.

Today Reuters has an article on how “Breastfeeding reduces anxiety into childhood”. It starts by listing the many benefits of breast milk such as the hormones, nutrients, enzymes, and antibodies that are passed from mother to child. In Britan, 9000 children were monitored from birth in a major study. All children were found to have a high level of stress but the breastfed ones coped better. It was not clear why they were less anxious. Physical contact between mother and child may have helped in reducing the anxiety.

“The more we look at breastfeeding, the more benefits we see. As this is something that is, in evolutionary terms, normal it is likely to be important in normal human development,” Dr Scott Montgomery, an epidemiologist at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden

There is so much positive information coming out about nursing. I believe that every mom should at least try to breastfeed. It may not be for everyone, it does take a lot of work. Your baby deserves, at least, for the colostrum. After all, breastfeeding is free. The milk is always warm and you always have it with you.


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