Jessie and Rory Mrozek Multiple Births Quintuplets

Mrozek Quints Doing Well

The Minnesota quintuplets born to Rory and Jessie Mrozek on October 18th are hopefully close to being transferred to the St. Cloud Hospital, which is closer to their home.

All five babies, Matthew, Lainey, Jackson, Breah and Nathan have been transferred from the NICU to the infant care center, which prepares parents to bring the babies home by allowing them to do more of the care when they are in visiting.

The nurse ratio is usually much lower 1:4 as opposed to 1:2 in the NICU and the pace is more laid back because the babies don’t need as much medical attention.

Matthew, Jackson and Nathan Mrozek have been moved into cribs, which is a huge achievement, considering the babies needed to have a consistent body temperature and weigh at least 1,800 grams, or about 3 pounds 15 ounces, according to Jessie Mrozek. Lainey is expected to be in a crib within the next few days. Breah still needs to grow, she said.

“It feels like you can interact with them better,” Jessie Mrozek said. “They’re not in a box anymore. They’re part of our world.”

The children’s appetites are getting bigger. They are now eating 30 to 45 ccs every three hours, Rory Mrozek said. Last month, the babies ate 10 to 25 ccs every three hours.

Doctors are giving the babies a combination of Jessie Mrozek’s breast milk and formula.

The family has been bringing breast milk to the hospital at least every other day, Jessie Mrozek said.

Jessie and Rory Mrozek said they may be able to start feeding all five this week. It’ll be a chance for the couple to bond more with the babies, Jessie Mrozek said.

“They’re doing really well,” she said.

The babies are expected to stay in the hospital until mid-January, which is close to their due date, Jessie Mrozek said.

“We’re excited they’re going to come home,” Rory Mrozek said. “Once they get home, it’ll be like they were never gone.”

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