Multiple Births Quintuplets

Mrozek Quintuplets Celebrate 1st Birthday!

Today, the Mrozek quintuplets — Matthew, Jackson, Breah, Lainey and Nathan — will turn one.

Kare 11, a local news outlet, had the opportunity to speak with parents Jessie and Rory about their first year with 5 babies and a toddler.

“We’re extremely lucky. I didn’t think we’d see this day when we’d have all five big healthy, happy babies,” said Jessie Mrozek, the babies’ mother.

But getting five babies to their first birthday hasn’t been easy. It’s taken parents, a big sister — Kaylie, grandparents and so much more.

“Just looking back and we had to feed them every three hours, and we were only sleeping four hours a night each and rotating shifts. I don’t know how we did it. I don’t want to do it again,” says Jessie, laughing.

Even though the babies now mostly sleep through the night, caring for six children under four (Kaylie is 3 and a half) requires careful choreography.

At dinner time, two babies are fed at a time, with the rest waiting their turn. But through all the eating, playing, napping and crying — five babies are also becoming their own people.

  • Jackson is a “happy” baby.
  • Breah is “independent.”
  • Nathan is “Grandma’s boy.”
  • Matthew is “very affectionate.”
  • And Lainey — Lainey is the leader… and survivor.

“She was the one in the beginning who almost didn’t make it but pulled through,” said Rory Mrozek, the babies’ Dad, adding that Lainey turned out to be the “first to get a tooth, first to crawl, first to stand against furniture.”

The Mrozek family is celebrating the quints birthday with a private party on Saturday.

On Sunday, they’re inviting EVERYONE interested in celebrating with them to the St. Francis Xavier Church in Sartell. The church is hosting a birthday party for the children following the 10:30 mass.

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