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Multiple Ultrasounds Effect Unborn Mice

U.S. researchers have published a study that Ultrasounds disrupt the brain development of unborn mice, which adds to growing evidence that too many ultrasound scans could also affect human fetuses.

Prolonged ultrasound scans of the brains of fetal mice interfered with a process known as neuronal migration in which neurons move from one place to another, the team at Yale University in Connecticut reported.

“Proper migration of neurons during development is essential for normal development of the cerebral cortex and its function,” Dr. Pasko Rakic, chair of the Department of Neurobiology at Yale, said in a statement.

“We have observed that a small but significant number of neurons in the mouse embryonic brain do not migrate to their proper positions in the cerebral cortex following prolonged and frequent exposure to ultrasound.”

This, I don’t believe effects the mom that needs to have 2 ultrasounds during the pregnancy to check for normal development and growth. The babies that are more at risk would probably be the ones that are being scanned once a week. While I was pregnant I needed to have an Ultrasound every week sometimes more. Our baby arrived early and I had already had 14 full (40-60 minute) scans by the time he was born. I should be part of a study!!

I did a post a couple weeks ago about private Ultrasounds. When I was researching the post I found it hard to find any article that would even suggest that Ultrasounds cause negative effects. Most of the stuff I found was wishy-washy, kind of going there but then pulling back. Lawsuits?? Who knows. It is refreshing to see a study that has proof on what most people are thinking but won’t say. One of my sources for that article also has some great information as well. Check it out!


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