My House Will Never Be The Same

My son is at the ‘exploring with lots of toys’ stage and it’s fun…but tiring. I had no idea that such a small being could whip through a house so quickly removing every toy from it’s container.

I try to go around behind him and pick up as he finishes but it’s no use. His spidey senses tell him that everything is back in order and he feels compelled to undo it again. Seriously, he could be done with a toy for over an hour but the minute I decide to put it back where it belongs he throws it back in the middle of the room.

My husband must think I don’t do anything all day. When he comes home and sees the house looks exactly the same as it did when he left, minus a few dishes that went from the sink to the cupboard, he always has that look. I used to tell him how many times I put the toys away in a 10 hour period, but there’s no use explaining it.

Friends and family who saw our house before our son came along must think that we’ve come undone. I vacuum sometimes twice a day and the carpet still looks crummy. Trying to keep up with fingerprints on all of the windows and televisions is almost a full time job.

Over the last few weeks I have come to the conclusion that our house will not look normal for a long time to come. Between all of his gear and toys, we may as well just concede to the fact that our house is now a kids house with all amenities to make a 21 month old happy.

When you are planning a family you always think that your house will be different, but when you child hits that age that they are more mobile and know how to play – everything changes.

For now I am trying to keep it all in perspective… He will never be this young again so, I may as well enjoy it even if it comes with 50 million building block sprinkled all over my living room.


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