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Nadya Suleman Introduces Us To The Octuplets

Nadya Suleman showed off her octuplets to the world for the first time today.

During her interview with NBC’s Today Show, Nadya, 33, walks from incubator to incubator introducing us to her children.

“Hi, Maliah, your eyes are open,” she said, putting her hand on the head of the baby before moving to the next infant. “This is Noah and he’s doing well. He’s blond, the only one with blond hair.

“Hiya, Jonah?…?this tiniest one was the troublemaker,” she said gently stroking the child. “This is Isaiah, he’s getting bigger, he’s starting to recognise my voice.” Next was Nariah. “I wish I could be here all day,” Miss Suleman told the infant.

“This is Jeremiah,” she continued. “He’s on lights for jaundice.” Then it was, “Hiya, McCai,” and “Hi, Josiah, I wish I could stay all day long, but I can’t.”

Even though many have criticized the situation that this mom has put herself in, it is nice to see that the babies are doing well.

The two who have sunglasses on are receiving light therapy for jaundice and the spaghetti like tube coming out of each the baby’s mouths are feed tubes.




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