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Nadya Suleman Shops With Her Gang!

Here’s a crew we haven’t seen in a while. Photographers caught Nadya Suleman out with all 14 of her children.

I guess when you have such a large brood even small tasks can be a production.  The ‘octomom’ packed up her whole crew to pick up groceries. To keep them organized Nadya put 2 kids in each grocery cart and had the older kids help push. While all the little ones seemed to be good with the arrangement Josiah wasn’t happy.

Looking for a partner, the single mom is set to appear on an episode of a new TV celebrity dating show called Celebridate. Nadya told entertainment website Pop Eater yesterday she was lucky enough to be invited to be a part of it.

‘I have not watched TV in almost a decade, but I might just tune into this one!  I don’t perceive myself to be a celebrity, but I guess they do. To a certain degree, I am in the public eye.’

‘I’ve never dated. This is actually the first time I have dated in my life,’ she says.

‘I’ve had one boyfriend, and it was very fascinating to me; it was an unforgettable experience. I am painfully shy and anxious. That’s just my personality. So it’s difficult for me to interact and to have eye contact.’

I guess we’ll see how she made out when the show premières in October.

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  • First off she was married for four year to Marco Gutierrez. They married in 1996 and separated in 2000. Second she didn’t look like such a shy flower when she dressed up like a dominatrix and made a fetish video featuring humiliation and violence against a man dressed as a baby in her children’s playroom. And who takes their kids to the store without any shoes on? The only ones with shoes on are the three oldest. It is dangerous to have your children sitting in the cart. Even more dangerous and stupid to let an eight year old push the cart with two toddlers year olds inside.

  • Don’t forget about the boyfriend she was cheating with on her husband while still married. Oh wait, that must have been the other Natalie in her head.
    Oh what a tangled web we weave, once we practice to deceive.
    She’s lied for so long she wouldn’t know the truth if it crawled up her behind and bit her.

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