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Nancy Grace Released From Hospital

New mom Nancy Grace has been released from the hospital after a health scare on Sunday.

The CNN anchor was readmitted to hospital after she started experiencing discomfort and was having trouble breathing on her way to church.

Her doctors found two blood clots in her lungs, which occurred as a result of the pregnancy.

On Wednesday, her husband said that the medication was working but, she will likely stay on it for a couple of months to make sure everything is okay and to prevent any other clots.

The babies are still in the NICU after being born 8 weeks early.

The couple is hoping to bring them home by Thanksgiving.

Nancy blogged on Thursday that:

Lucy and John David are still in the preemie unit. Please continue your prayers. I know they are being heard because the doctors say the twins are doing well. John david is up to 5 and a half pounds and Lucy is approaching 4 pounds! They are both taking bottles and I pray and believe, they are close to having tubes removed.

Today, they slept side by side, swaddled in one blanket, with matching hats on. I decided that is how their first official photo will be made. The preemie unit has a lady that goes around with a cart taking baby photos and of course I’m signing up!

I can’t wait to introduce them to you on air when I am finally back at work, God willing. They are the joy of my life. I never knew such a love.

Please continue to pray and think of them. I feel so positive and hopeful when I read your emails and cards, hopeful for the day we will all come home as a family. Ngrace”

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