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Nancy Grace Shows Off her Twins

CNN has posted exclusive video of Nancy Grace and her twins in their nursery.

During the video she talks about the babies early beginning, the delivery and how their doing now.

Nancy calls John David her little brick. At birth he weighed only 5lbs, now he is up to 8lbs. Lucy weighed almost 2lbs at birth, but has grown to almost 6lbs.

She talks about her early delivery saying:

“I went into the hospital that day thinking I was just having breathing problems. I didn’t know anything was wrong. I had no idea I had blood clots in my lungs and pulminary adema. I hadn’t been there and hour and a half before these two children were delivered by emergency Cesearean. When it happened I could feel them coming out, but it didn’t hurt and I saw them for about 45 seconds, they were all swaddled up and I got to kiss my fingr and put it on their forehead. That is one of the last things I remember.”

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