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Nancy Grace Talks About Her Twins

Last week Nancy Grace delivered her twins two months early.
John David weighed 5 pounds, 1 ounce at birth, while Lucy Elizabeth weighed only 2 pounds, 15 ounces when she was born.

CNN, Nancy’s employer, has been running message’s from the host on the status of the babies and her experience so far.

November 6, 2007: Nancy says: “I just visited Lucy Elizabeth and John David last night in the neonatal unit. They were worth every ache, every pain, and every risk. Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts speeding our ways.”

November 7, 2007: Nancy says: “At this moment I am holding John David for the very first time, and it’s true what they say….he was crying and when he heard his mother’s voice he got completely still. I wonder what he will be when he grows up and what side he will part his hair on. P.S. I snuck his hat off and I think he is beautiful.”
” … now I am with Lucy Elizabeth. I was totally wrong….she is the most beautiful thing I have seen. I wonder if either of them can remember the last 8 months? She is holding my right index finger with her right hand. I wonder if she will paint her fingernails or be a pro-baseball player. I want to hug them so hard but I don’t want to hurt them.”

November 9, 2007: Dean Sicoli, Nancy’s Executive Producer, spoke to Nancy last night: “Nancy says the twins are doing great! They are beautiful and she absolutely cannot wait to bring them home. She is so appreciative of all the well wishes from her viewers.”

November 12, 2007: “Lucy Elizabeth and John David both lost weight at first, but now they are gaining. She is feisty and he is laid back — we even have to wake John David up to make him eat. Every night during the pregnancy I would sing them to sleep with the same songs after the show; and now, when they are fussy, I hold them and sing the same songs and they immediately calm down… So maybe they do remember the last few months. Their favorite seems to be “Swing Low Sweet Chariot!” They both smile all the time. They wear the hats that you sent in to maintain their body temperature. I know in my heart they would not be doing this well without your love and prayers, please keep praying! I miss you guys, Ngrace”

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  • Nancy, my prayers are with you,I know that you will be okay,your beautiful miracles are what will keep you strong and getting well.Just belive and have faith and all is fine. I love your show and I miss seeing you.
    Peggy Bowman

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