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Nancy Grace Talks Motherhood in Good Housekeeping

Nancy Grace shows off her twins in this month’s edition of Good Housekeeping.

In the article, Nancy talks about about her pregnancy and the complications she experienced before and after the twins arrived.

“It was just such a roller-coaster ride, from the very beginning,” she says. “First, right after I found out it was twins, I had an ultrasound where they couldn’t find the second heartbeat anymore.” She shudders at the memory. “For over a week, I had to go around thinking that there was just one of them, and I was heartbroken. Then at another appointment, all of a sudden, they found the heartbeat again. I just ran home and e-mailed David, ‘Our twins are back.’ It was so incredible.”

On pregnancy in your 40’s and a delivery scare in Florida:

“I just wasn’t prepared for how much a pregnancy in your 40s knocks you on your butt. It was one thing after another,” she says. “At one point, in August, I thought I was going into early labor…while on vacation with my mother on some tiny island off the coast of Florida. I was in the back of this rural ambulance, on a three-hour ride to the nearest hospital. The driver was named Elvis, and I remember lying there thinking: This is not happening. I am not about to give birth in the back of Elvis’s truck.”

In November, with her body was now under extreme strain, blood clots formed in her legs and fluid welled up in her heart and lungs. She was rushed to an Atlanta hospital, and an emergency cesarean section was performed.

“I remember the doctor said to me, ‘How does November 4th sound for a birthday?’ And I was so out of it, I just looked at him and said in disbelief, ‘Is that today?’”“When I first heard it was twins, I was honestly a little put off,” she recalls. “I thought, How could I possibly take all that love I was planning to give to one baby and split it in two? I worried I’d be giving them each 50 percent. But now I realize: You don’t have to split your love — you just grow more. Your heart just gets bigger and bigger.”

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