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Natalie Morales Talks Parenthood In Pregnancy Magazine

New mom Natalie Morales spoke to Pregnancy Magazine about everything from her hectic work schedule, pregnancy cravings and her plans for the new baby.

The Today Show co-host welcomed her second baby boy, Luke Rhodes, on September 9th. My guess is that this photo shoot and interview occurred when Natalie was about 28 weeks because she is pretty small for a second pregnancy.

Here are some highlight:


My first cue was craving cheeseburgers and citrus [like during my last pregnancy]. So right away, I pretty much felt like I was having another boy.


Like crazy! And we’re renovating on top of it, so the nesting thing is in crazy overdrive, because you just want things in order. Then of course, [I’m] hormonal, so the contractors had to deal with a little bit of that, too.

Breast Feeding:

I’m going to give it a go again. Last time it was hard – it’s a lot of work, as everybody tells you. I truly believe in giving him the best start and thing breast feeding is the healthiest thing you can give your child.

I tried to keep breast feeding [after I went back to work], which of course is very hard to do on this schedule. I brought the pump to work but I didn’t have an office back in those days, so I had to find a private place to pump. So I’m in the bathroom and you hear the little “reee, reee, reee.” I did that for one or two days, and I was just like, this is so mortifyingly embarrassing. People are walking in and saying, “What is that noise?” It’s the milking machine.

Advice For Pregnant Women Over 35:

When having a child you have a preconceived time line because, when it comes down to it, sometimes it’s pretty damned difficult to get pregnant, which it was for me.

For the rest of the interview and many more pictures please pick up a copy of Pregnancy Magazine, currently on new stands!

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