Free Stuff Nestle Baby Program

Nestle Baby Program

Monday morning my husband came back from the mailbox with a huge package. I wasn’t expecting anything so I was curious to see what was inside.

Inside the box was a knapsack (that is insulated), a Avent bottle, starter can of baby food, cold pack and some coupons. I was excited..and then confused. I hadn’t remembered signing up for anything, but I frequently put my name in for baby offers.

Today a second envelope arrived with a newsletter, produced by the Nestle company, for new moms about pregnancy.

I guess somewhere in my travels, I signed up for the Nestle Baby Program. I am glad I did!

The magazine that arrived is a great resource for new moms and parents to be. The starter package is wonderful. The knapsack will definitely come in handy on our next vacation for storing all of our son’s snack’s when heading to the beach. For new moms, it would be a godsend while out for the day because it just straps on your back and leaves your hands free in case the baby needs you.

We already love nestle products. Our son is so picky, he will only eat their cereal. Last year they included music cd’s with their formula, which come in handy on long trips. It’s nice to see a company that gives back to the moms that are supporting them.

I would recommend this free program to all moms. Go to this website for more info and let your friends know.

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Lisa Arneill

Mom of 2 boys and founder of and World Traveled Family. When I'm not running around after my boys, I'm looking for our next vacation spot!


  • Have a look at this site to see the other side of Nestlé:

    They don’t always ‘give back to moms who support them.’ In fact they go out of their way to undermine breastfeeding relationships between mothers and babies where ever they can.

  • Have to agree – Nestle are one of the worst companies at supporting new mums particularly in 3rd world companies. My son used to Love cheerios but all nestle products are now banned from the house. Here in the UK they are not allowed to promote or give away free samples or anything that may interrupt breastfeeding. Whilst it is lovely to receive free stuff when your preggers Nestle’s stuff comes with a price and its babies in developing countries that pay it

  • Sorry but this is a perfect example of how these formula companies manipulate new mothers.
    They’ve managed to plant doubt in generations of women’s minds about their ability to breastfeed.
    We don’t need anything these companies offer, they make us think we need it.
    Don’t be fooled anymore.
    I have been a nestle free house for 5 years now.

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