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While at the ABC Trade show I had the chance to preview Baby Bjorns new carrier collection.


The popular baby carrier has many new styles on the horizon including some great new patterns and styles.

Bjorn ‘Star’ was made popular by Ellen during this years Oscars. She famously carried the Oscar in the pouch like a baby.

The Star Bjorn features a glossy, black satin with reflecting silver stripes. The inside is made of soft cotton that is gentle on baby’s skin.

I like that the German company has created a product that can be worn on a night out. I don’t believe that anyone would wear this carrier with a ball gown, but it could accompany your little black dress or that a sharp suit.

Baby Bjorn Original Carrier now available in Brown and Silver. The company has been branching out with new colours and patterns.

The classic carrier now is being offered in a chocolate brown and a silver grey. While I think they both look good, it would have been nice for Bjorn to go to the next level and mix brown with pink or blue. A pattern on the inside that matched this colour pairing would have been a great idea as well.

Baby Bjorn Carrier ‘Synergy’ is a blend of two of Bjorns popular carriers. It offers the comfortable back support of the Bjorn ‘active’ carrier and light, breathable 3D mesh material of the Bjorn Carrier ‘Air’.

It has an upgraded lumbar support to help alleviate lower back issues when carrying your child for extended periods of time.

This carrier has a sporty feel to me. The mesh reminds me of a pair of men’s track shorts. I like that they have beefed up the back support, I just wish they would make that a standard feature on all of their carriers.

The company has also introduced pink versions of their potty, safe step and eating utensils.



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