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New Research May Show That Cellphones Are Dangerous To Children Under 10

If your child has a cellphone then you may want to take note of this new warning.

A prominent cancer specialist in the United States is cautioning parents to limit the use of cellphones by kids to emergencies because he claims the electromagnetic energy the mobile emits likely penetrates the brain of a child more deeply than that of an adult.

That claim follows on the heels of a similar warning recently issued by Canadian experts that suggests children under 10 use land lines as much as possible and limit their chatting on mobiles to short and infrequent calls.

Dr. Ronald B. Herberman of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, along with a team of international experts, has posted a report on the university’s website urging people to take precautions in the use of cellphones.

“The developing organs of a fetus or child are the most likely to be sensitive to any possible effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields,” said Herberman in one of the report’s recommendations.

“Do not allow children to use a cellphone except for emergencies.”

The problem is that living tissue is vulnerable to electromagnetic fields within the frequency bands used by cellphones. He argues kids have a higher absorption rate because their brains are still developing.



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