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New Zealand MP Proposes For Moms In Prison To Keep Babies For 2 Years

New Zealand Green MP, Sue Bradford’s Private Member’s Bill is proposing that mothers who are serving time behind bars may soon be able to have their babies with them for up to two years

It will allow mothers to have their young children with them in jail for up to two years, rather than the current six months.

Sue Bradford says while the change will only affect a very small number of people, it will be hugely beneficial.

In theory this is a good idea. You just wonder if it’s fair to allow a child to bond with their baby for 2 years and then take them away.

What would they do with the child when they are learning how to walk and crawl – put them on the concrete floor??

Babies need lots of stimulation to grow and develop. I am not sure they can get everything they need behind bars in a small designated area..


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