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Newborn Undergoes Life-Saving Brain Surgery With Glue

Just a few days after Madison Quartarone was born it was discovered that she had a large benign brain tumor. Without surgery she would have died within weeks.

Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London carried out a delicate and risky procedure to starve the tumor of blood by blocking off the vessels feeding it with glue.

The amazing baby, now eight-weeks-old, is recovering well and was able to go home for Christmas.

Neuro-surgeon Dominic Thompson said: “Certainly, in my experience, I am not aware of anyone as young as Madison having this treatment and if successful it could be groundbreaking.”

“To be born with such a large tumor is very unusual as only a small percentage of tumors present themselves in the first month of life.” Her mother Charlene, said: “We are so pleased she’s home but we are very tired. She’s stable at the moment and is feeding well.”

Now that scans show that the tumor had shrunk considerably, the family hopes that the stressful times are behind them.

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