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Nicole Kidman Is Not Showing

Nicole Kidman was seen at the Sydney Children’s Hospital yesterday cheering up the patients.
The mom-to-be does not look like she is expecting at all.

She has the flattest pregnancy belly I have ever seen. Even Nicole Richie started to show sooner than her.

She is reported to be due in July.


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  • Look at a picture of her from the side. She’s showing, she’s just very tall, so she’s not huge yet! Nicole Richie is 5’2…Nicole Kidman is 5’11, slight difference there.

  • On Easter Sunday, she was photographed wearing a dress that she wore back in early October of last year. Sorry, but that’s just not normal. She needs to lay off the jogging, spinning & whatever else she’s doing & let herself gain some weight. And she needs to eat more than just salads.

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