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Nigerian Mom Welcomes Unusual Quads: 2 identical girls, 2 fraternal boys

A Nigerian woman has given birth to an unusual set of quadruplets in Baltimore.

Officials at Sinai Hospital say 40-year-old Nelly Itula delivered the babies on Friday. The quads include identical twin girls and fraternal twin boys.

The babies were delivered by Caesarian section. The girls, Freda and Pauletta weighed slightly more than two pounds, and the boys, Frederick and Paul weighed slightly more than three pounds.

Nelly, the new mom, came to Owings Mills in December to visit her sister when she found out she was pregnant.

She was advised to stay in the United States because of health concerns. Her husband, Frederick Itula, arrived in Baltimore from Nigeria late Saturday. The babies were conceived while Nelly was taking fertility drugs.

One newborn is still on a respirator.Doctors say they should be able to leave the hospital in about a month.

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  • Thank God for your delivery after 13 years God is indeed wonderful to his Children as long as you did not give up on him. I congraltulate your family and I rejoice with you. It is well all of you. Once again I say congrat.

  • what a joy, what glory, what grace, what wonder, God blessed you with. Four good slap for the devil and Four bounty praise to Jesus. stay blessed!

  • What an awesome God we serve. He is alive. May the Lord be praised forever. He alone will continue to do for us what no man can do. I rejoice with your family. Congratulation

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