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Nintendo DS Go Pets Vacation Island

I was recently given Go Pets to try on my new Nintendo DS. I think it is a very cute game that is suitable for both little boys and little girls. Go Pets is not only a fun game but it teaches your children positive messages.

The game starts off with a brief few paragraphs explaining the purpose of the game and the areas to go. It lets you scroll through the paragraphs at your own pace, which is also perfect for parents that are reading to their children. The game then asks for information about you and brings them to the visitor’s centre where they can start playing the game by adopting a pet.

Go Pets interacts well with the child while helping them adopt a pet. The game makes them feel unique by asking them questions about themselves and asking things they like to do. Than it suggests which animal best suits their personality. You then get to pick what colours you want your animal to be and what clothing your pet will wear. After that, its time to go out on the town and make friends on the island.

The game interacts well with the gamer, giving little hints on how to become a better friend to other pets on the island as well how to unlock more things on the island. By making friends and interacting with them, it teaches the importance that being nice and sharing because those good manners will bring rewards later. This gives the game has a very positive message.

The game area on the island is perfect to learn memory games but in a fun positive way. The better you do with games, the better the rewards you receive, such as food, drinks, etc.

Overall I think this game is perfect for younger children and isn’t just another mindless game, it has cute perks and helps your child understand the importance of friends. ~ Reviewed by Nikki


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