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No Nannies For Jennifer Lopez?

I think that it’s common knowledge that most Hollywood moms are not raising their offspring on their own. Even though they are not always seen, post pregnancy success is usually achieved because there is a fabulous ‘helper’ at home getting up for the midnight feedings and taking care of the extra stuff that most of us regular moms can’t seem to get to.

Jennifer Lopez has recently said that she doesn’t have any nannies taking care of her twins, even though she and hubby Marc Anthony have been recently spotted out partying – sans kiddos.

Former Hollywood nanny Suzanne Hansen has spoken out about this statement saying that big stars usually prefer some kind of hired help, and not just a random one-night sitter from a nanny agency.

“She probably has other people-not called nannies-who are taking care of her children.

“She has assistants, housekeepers-someone like that who probably also likes kids and who is likely keeping an eye on them,” she added.

Let’s be honest – someone is watching the twins while Jen and Marc are out and it’s probably not a family member. He or she is probably someone that the couple has been recommended, but they don’t live with them or come over and help on a daily basis.

I wouldn’t think less of Jennifer if she did have someone that helped her out consistently. It’s unrealistic to think that a woman that is as busy as she is doesn’t have any behind the scenes help with 2 babies.

If I polled my friends who have twins and asked if they would hire if a nanny if money wasn’t an issue, I know that I would get an HECK YES!! Multiples are hard work. Marcia Cross has 2 nannies and no one says a word…


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