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Noah Chamberlin Update: Sheriff Believes Toddler Is In Search Area

It has been more than 4 days and almost 5 nights since 2-year-old Noah Chamberlin went missing in the woods behind his grandmother’s house. But despite this, Chester County Sheriff Blair Weaver said he still has faith that Noah Chamberlin will be found.

Noah Chamberlin

“We’re very optimistic that he’s in the search area,” Weaver during a press conference on Monday at 11:30am.

The sheriff has revealed few details about whether searchers have found any evidence of Noah, but during the press conference he noted that this was still a search and rescue operation and there is no criminal investigation.

Deputy Sheriff Tom Mapes with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department shared more about the search saying, “The frustrating side, the bewildering side, is that we’ve found nothing,  All this manpower, all the technical, infrared sightings, hundreds of volunteers going arm-to-arm through all these acres. Nothing, absolutely nothing.”

Over the past 5 days, 200-300 local agencies have covered more than 1,000 or more acres looking in caves, and combing the forest and trails. They have checked the sex offender list and used every type of dog available.

People who live near the search area should check their cars, garages, crawl spaces and anywhere a child could be located, Weaver said.

“I’m tired,” Weaver said. “It’s not frustration, its we’re tired. We’ve been out 70 hours, Sheriff Mehr and myself, before we went home. We have dedication to find Noah and we have a faith and belief that we’re going to find him. We’re doing everything possibly human to find him.”

Madison County Sheriff Office spokesman Tom Mapes said Volunteer searchers were suspended at about midnight due to the cold. The search resumed this morning with law enforcement personnel only.

Two-year-old Noah went missing around 1:30 p.m. Thursday, while on a nature hike with his grandmother and 4-year-old sister. The three were in the woods behind their home when the toddler wandered off while the grandmother tended to her granddaughter.

Noah was last seen wearing a long-sleeved gray shirt and blue jeans. He is about two feet tall and weighs about 25 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes. Anyone with information is asked to call the Chester County Sheriff’s Office at (731) 989-2787 or TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.


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  • It breaks my heart to tell you this, but my local tv station WBBJ Tv, has just confirmed the officials have recovered little Noah’s body. My tears will not stop flowing & my prayers won’t stop for this family. Our west Tn hearts are broken. Please continue to pray for Noah’s family. Thank you.

    • I just saw it… I have been praying for this little guy for so many nights hoping that he was just laying in the tall bushes and someone would find him. But as we all know toddlers move and I guess he was always a step ahead of the search crews. My heart goes out to this family.

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