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Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator

This interesting nasal aspirator is an alternative to the bulb that you see in hospitals and pharmacies.

The Nosefrida is a remarkably effective tool for sucking snot out of a kid’s nose. It consists of a snot collection chamber attached to a tube that goes into the parents mouth. You put the chamber in your child’s nose and suck…There is a in line filter attached to prevent you from getting a mouthful of unpleasantness, which needs to be rinsed out after use.

Apparently, this gadget works like a charm and will possibly save your sanity if your child is nasally congested.

The bulb is not strong enough to get the thicker mucousy stuff that needs to come out in order for you child to be able to breathe properly.

The cost is $15 and it is available at NosefridaUSA


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