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Nursing Moms Protest New York State Museum

A group of moms in Albany staged a ‘nurse in’ at the New York State Museum to support a mom who was allegedly asked to stop breastfeeding by a Museum employee.

Kristin Kelly says someone confronted her twice here at the State Museum, telling her she had to leave a public area to continue breastfeeding her son.

This clearly did sit well with local moms because they mobilized and then staged their protest.

State Museum officials made no attempt to stop the demonstration because New York Civil Rights Law guarantees women the right to nurse where they want.

The museum officials say they support that, adding that they don’t think it was a museum employee who hassled Kristen.

“Somebody was identified by name, described and we don’t have anybody that meets that description or has that name that would be on the floor. We knew it couldn’t have been one of ours,” Museum Director Cliff Siegfried said.

In response, Kristen said, “I am sure of what I saw and if it was not a Museum employee than it was still a State employee and it happened in their facility. So, at least all I want is an apology.” The aftermath of the whole incident has also been overwhelming for the mom, which at times has prompted her to stop answering the phone.

“People trying to do school reports about me. Men trying to purchase milk from me. So it’s just a little strange,” Kelly said.

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