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Och-o: Simple But Sleek

I found this very cool piece of childrens furniture that was designed to enhance interaction between parent and child and encourage imagination. Its simple form is useful to all members of the family and provides a finishing design flair to any modern environment.

Och-o encourages:

1. Play – The unique strong structure of the Och-o allows the children to interact with the product in any way possible, on any given surface. They can also be linked if more than one to create a tunnel, or stack them to make a forte. It is only limited by the childs imagination.

2. Relaxation – This wonky circle has been upholstered with cushioning foam and soft feel fabric so children can relax in or on the product, in any environment. It holds maximum weight of 100kg.

It can also be used for:

3. Storage – Flipped on its side the Och -o can be used as a great minimal, deep toy storage box.

4. Decor – The Och-o is the perfect height for use as a footrest, or magazine table in the lounge room.

This cool piece of furniture is a splurge at $499 It is offered in 4 colours


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