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Octuplet Mom Sits Down With Ann Curry

Octuplet Mom, Nadya Suleman, sits down with NBC’s Ann Curry for her first TV interview since she gave birth to her 8 babies last Monday.

The soon-to-be busy mom admits that she has always longed for a big family as an only child.

“That was always a dream of mine, to have a large family, a huge family, and — I just longed for certain connections and attachments with another person that I really lacked, I believe, growing up,” Nadya said during the interview.

“I didn’t feel as though, when I was a child, I had much control of my environment,” she told Curry. “I felt powerless. And that gave me a sense of predictability. Reflecting back on my childhood, I know it wasn’t functional. It was pretty dysfunctional, and whose isn’t?”

Suleman’s mother, Angela Suleman, had told exclusively that her daughter did blame her childhood on her desire to have so many kids.

“She was always upset I didn’t have more,” Angela told the mag. “But I don’t think she really knew. If she had brothers and sisters, I don’t think she would have been happier.”

In the interview, Suleman — who already had six children before giving birth to the octuplets — confirmed that the same donor, a friend, was used for all 14 kids and that all of the children were conceived through in vitro fertilization.

“I went through about seven years of trying — through artificial insemination,” Suleman said. “And through medication. And all of which was unsuccessful. And then the first — IVF procedure from that– from that facility — it was successful. And then I just kept going in.”

I can’t help but think that this interview is a publicity stunt devised by Nadya’s new publicist to drum up support so that she can change her public image and possibly get some corporate sponsorship.

A first look at the exclusive interview will air on NBC’s Today Friday.

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  • I emailed the Today Show and asked that they not add to this woman’s celebrity status. I also stated that I would like to see more shows taking personal responsiblity from the government, from business and from individuals. (as a side note I am sure that they will air the program with her) but I wanted to voice my view. If more people stood up for personal responsbility this country would be in much better shape.

  • I agree with you Marge, if even one show or TV station promotes this women I will boycott it and make sure everyone knows that this is just another freak show trying to get some money. As a matter of fact, I can’t stand even watching Jon and Kate plus 8 because of the fact that they exploit their children. Kate was a nurse, how stupid can you be to put 6 embryos in you knowing the health risks. The only reason they have a show is because they had a huge litter just as this woman did. I believe the State needs to step in and adopt these children to families that can provide, love and support them with their hard earned income. Then they will have loving parent(s) who don’t have children from an obsessive childhood gone wrong or a obsessive need for attention because they were an only child.

    I also want to know when is the state prosecutor going to step in for insurance and disability fraud. She obviously has been using the system for seven years now and using it to get pregnant when she claimed she had a bad back. Who gets pregnant with 8 kids if you have a bad back.

    Haul her butt off to jail and let those kids be adopted. They will be the better for it. For she said herself she will be going to college in the fall and letting a daycare watch all 14 right.

    Disgusted by freak shows!!!

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