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OK! Magazine Larry Birkhead And Dannielynn Exclusive

OK! magazine traveled to the Bahamas to witness the incredible bond between Larry Birkhead and his daughter, Dannielynn. The proud papa got the news of a lifetime April 10 when DNA tests proved he was the father of Anna Nicole’s 7-month-old baby.

Now he invites OK! into an island home in the Bahamas for a candid and sometimes tearful interview about his child, the woman he loved and the controversy over who would raise Dannielynn.

Here are some highlights of the interview:

Larry and Anna had chosen baby names
Prior to Daniel’s death, Larry and Anna has said they would name the baby Annabella or Marilyn Nicole after Marilyn Monroe if it was a girl and Niko if it was a boy.

Anna and Larry talked about getting married
Anna said to Larry, “I don’t want to be a single parent and do this all over again like with Daniel,” and Larry tells OK! “At one point she wanted me to get her a wedding ring. We’d talked about getting married a few times but when she found out she was pregnant I said it probably wasn’t a good idea just because you found out you are pregnant. I didn’t want to do it for the wrong reasons, I just wanted to make sure it was right. But, I went out and got a ring and she wore it.”

Anna miscarried Larry’s child in February 2005

Anna was trying to get pregnant again with Larry’s child
We talked about it early on in the relationship and once we did try but it wasn’t successful. We said at some point we were going to try again, and now there’s Dannielynn

Anna went to the Bahamas because ‘people’ told her Larry was going to try to get sole custody because there was “tension over all the medications she was taking”

In the last email Anna sent Larry three days before giving birth to Dannielynn she said, “Don’t fall in love again, I’d be a bit jealous.’

Unlikely ally Howard has been giving Larry advice on Dannielynn
“Everyone’s been really helpful, actually, even Howard’s been helpful. It seems unlikely to most, but he’s been a great help. He’s just really tuned me in because he’s been with Dannielynn the last several months, he knows her likes and dislikes and things like that that could help me out. He also gives me credit when I’m doing good things and he gives me tips on things I should do a little bit different and I welcome everybody’s input.”


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