Baby Nursery Ideas

Old MacDonald On My Wall

Wallcandy is an innovative way to decorate nurseries, kids rooms and play areas. You can create a unique atmosphere with ease as you peel and stick the wallcandy patterns to most surfaces.

Transform your child’s space into a magical farm with The new grazeland The kit comes with 18 feet of green lawn, 16 trees, 2 barns with silos and 2 tractors to get around in. Plus 6 cows, 20 chicks, 8 pigs, 12 bunnies and 12 lambs.

WallCandy decorating kits contain several repositionable panels, printed with art book quality UV color printing. Separately curing after each color ensures color accuracy, durability and fastness. This process also makes the product easy to clean (a simple swipe with a damp sponge). WallCandy is coated with a low tack adhesive so that it may be moved numerous times without causing damage to walls.


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