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Oprah Talks To Real Moms About Motherhood

Having 2 kids has been a big change around this house. I constantly look like crap. I wear my pajamas all day and rarely get a chance to wash my hair.

That is why I thoroughly enjoyed Oprah’s show yesterday on motherhood. Regular moms like you and I spilled to the talk show host about their dark mommy secrets.

I found the show therapeutic and loved hearing that all of the craziness that is happening at our house is being repeated in many other houses.

Here is what they said:


  • Vicki Glembocki, a mom of two, says she had a “pee incident” recently during a seven-hour drive with her kids. “I looked in the back, and the kids were sleeping, which was literally a miracle from God, but the problem was I had to pee,” she says. “So I’m thinking, ‘If I stop at a rest area, they’re totally going to wake up, and I do not want them to wake up.’ So I reach into the diaper bag, I pulled out a diaper and I peed into it.”
  • Dee-Dee Jackson, a mother of five, has her own diaper confession. After running out of diapers in the middle of the night, she says she had to make her own. “What we had to do was use a maxi pad until the next morning,” she says. “It worked so well, we took our time the next day to get diapers.”
  • Heija Nunn has a diaper tip that has served her well with her three kids. “You have to seed the house and car with diapers,” she says. “That way there’s always one to unearth in an emergency. Don’t put them in one spot—just scatter them.”


  • I’m embarrassed to say that I have completely forgotten to give my child dinner
  • I confess that I have let my kids cry in their cribs while I sit with my husband and drink wine
  • I confess to have thought more than once, what the hell did I do to my life – what the HELL did I do to my life?
  • I don’t really give baths all of the time. I throw them in the jacuzzi thinking the bubbles will clean them off
  • I have made a full lunch for my kids out of the snacks in my car.
  • To be totally honest there have been times when my twins have gone 3 weeks without a bath.
  • I confess my kids eat pizza for breakfast at least twice a week.


  • Dooce’s Heather Armstrong talked sex and how it changes when you are a mom. “It took seven months [before I had sex after giving birth]. No one had told me that it was going to take that long after what the baby did to me,” Heather says. “Any guy who wants to have unprotected sex? Seven months without it. Just think about that for a minute. Let that number circulate in your head for a little bit.”
  • Karen Walrond is a mom of a 5-year-old daughter says the definition of intimacy has changed for her marriage since her child was born. “Intimacy in our house nowadays is my husband and I touching ankles below my daughter’s sleeping form between us,” she says. “It’s really hard to get that loving feeling when you’ve got a 40-pound kid between you.”
  • I certainly did not want to have sex because I didn’t want to create another one. No way I can’t do this again. I also felt like my body had been re-purposed. That area down there is now an out door – no longer an in door.
  • What sex life – next question!
  • I would so much rather sleep than have sex.


  • No one ever tells you how gross or uncomfortable it is feeling your boobs on your stomach.
  • I just wish someone would have warned my about the hemorrhoids. Just a little heads up. I could have used the warning.
  • No one ever told me that boys wake up with woody’s. I go in there in the morning to get them up out of bed and they’re all pointing at me.
  • One of the things no one told me about being a mom is that there is lice involved. Lots of lice. I wish someone would have told me how to get rid of the lice.

I love that these moms were so honest. The show was refreshing and uplifting because it’s nice to know that your not in it alone.

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