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Orbit Baby Returns To The Market With G5 Stroller

When Orbit Baby announced they were shutting down 2 years ago it was a huge blow to the baby gear market. The company had merged with ErgoBaby a couple years earlier but hadn’t introduced much since their O2 jogger.

Hearing that such an innovative company was shuttering was hard because the Orbit stroller was my go-to recommendation for new parents. Not only did I love its unique design, but it was also sleek, stylish and pushed beautifully. I actually still have my G2 and G3!

To my excitement, I noticed that Orbit Baby was listed in the new product showcase at the German baby show Kind + Jugend. Looks like parents looking to buy the system can again – along with the new model the G5!

Orbitbaby G5 stroller 2018 - bassinet and stroller seat

Orbit is famous for its SmartHub technology that allows parents the ability to rotate the seat without removing the child. With this ring, you have the option to position your baby in the side-facing position if you are out and want to move them right up to the table more comfortably. It’s also a cool way for kids to see the zoo or window shop.

The seat itself is quite spacious and is lined with a memory foam padding for extra comfort. It also comes in a gorgeous grey melange, a fabric that was previously offered as a special edition. Orbit is also offering a bright teal and their signature red.

Orbitbaby G5 stroller 2018

Orbitbaby G5 stroller 2018

The stroller comes with the quad shock technology which ensures your baby won’t be jostled if you are going over bumpy terrain.

So what has changed? Orbit has added a new round steering wheel with telescopic settings.

Orbitbaby G5 stroller 2018 - handle

They have also added new stylish wheels.

Orbitbaby G5 stroller wheel

To protect your baby against the elements there are a variety of covers including this great snow cover.

Orbitbaby G5 stroller winter cover

If you are looking to purchase the G5 please visit Orbit’s website for more details.

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  • Okay, so this blog made me extremely happy last night because I always dreamt about having an orbit baby stroller for my LO but when they went out of business I was devastated. Hearing that they are coming back with a new and improved G5 stroller makes me giddy!! Thank you so much for this blog post!! Do you happen to know whether or not the G5 will be available in the U.S market as well as over seas?? I’m trying to plan out how I should go about getting my dream stroller system! lolol.

    • I have to say this made me very happy too. The Orbit was always my top pick for a stroller. I still have the G2 and G3. Contact them through their website and see where they are shipping to.

  • How do we buy? When I follow the link to the website there aren’t options to buy or contact anyone for support.

  • Pretty disappointed. The product is made in China. Haven’t they learn their past mistake? Their products weren’t green as they claimed and the foam wasnt certified.

    Paying premium price for the product, I would expect it made else where and not low quality.

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