Ottawa Woman Plans to Share Her Homebirth Experience Live on Internet

Nancy Salgueiro, 32-year old mother of two, professional birth coach and chiropractor from Ottawa, is expecting her third child. She is like any other expectant mom – with one exception. Nancy has never given birth in a hospital.

Nancy’s other two children were born at home, in a birthing pool. She recorded the labor and delivery of her other two children and has shared her home birthing experiences online to promote natural home birth. Now, Nancy plans to take her sharing one step further by streaming the birth of her newest baby online.

People can pre-register to watch the birth live, which is expected to take place around her expected due date of October 7th, on her website. Around 800 people, from all over the world – from Japan to Australia, have already signed up and the number of expected viewers keeps growing.

“I feel like it’s really important for people to see the difference because birth is not what you see on TV. It can be, but it doesn’t’ have to be like that,” Nancy said. “A woman’s water breaks and they go, ‘Oh my goodness,’ and they rush off to the hospital and speed all the way there. Then somebody’s legs are behind their ears as a parade of people come in and that is not at all what a home birth is like.”

Nancy’s husband, Mike Carreira, was pretty hesitant and reserved about streaming the birth live but is planning to be there, just as he was through the other two deliveries. “I’m just trying to support her in her passion,” Mike said. “This is a stretch for me, but I’m going to do it.”

Another unconventional event to take place during the live birth is the cutting of the cord by her current youngest child who is now 2 years old. I can see this being an amazing bonding experience for the soon-to-be older brother.

Two midwives will be present to help with the birthing experience and Nancy did say that, if complications happen to arise, the hospital is just a phone call away. “Birth is birth. Some babies aren’t born a live and that’s going to happen whether you’re at home or in the hospital,” Nancy said. Complications, however, are the furthest thing from Nancy’s mind. She is confident and excited about the newest addition to her family.

With all the babies being born in route to hospital, many moms might find home birthing a more relaxing event. Plus, hospital births can be very frustrating, especially for mothers that are choosing natural labor options. Personally, I wish I had known it was possible before the birth of all of my children, all of which were born without the help of pain medication. It is important, however, for home birthing moms to do their research and find the proper assistance, like midwives and doulas, just in case complications should arise.

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