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Our Summer Journey With Safety 1st ~ Keeping Our Cargo Safe While Seeing The World

I love to travel and show my kids the world.  This Summer it felt as though we were always headed somewhere.  And whether we were going to the park on the other side of town or on a 5 hour trip for the weekend my number one concern is always safety.

Our Summer Journey sailing on a tall ship

Even though my boys are 5 and 9 they are both still in car seats to ensure they are protected if something happens during our travels.

Road trips in our family mean early mornings and long days.  For this reason I love Safety 1st’s Elite 80 car seat because it keeps my guys comfortable and safe as we travel all over North America.

Our Summer Journey - visiting the elora gorge

This past week we capped off the Summer with a hiking trip to the Finger Lakes.

Our Summer Journey - trekking down to see the lower falls at Letchworth State Park

An incredible place, it was also a bit of a trek from our house.  With border delays, traffic and the GPS routing us through every small town the trip took a little longer to complete but my kids didn’t seem to mind.

In the back seat they laughed, played I spy, and watched movies as we drove across New York State.  Very few of their friends still ride in car seats but they don’t complain because their seats aren’t an inconvenience.  In fact they like that they have cup holders (or a place to hold their minifigs and action figures), a padded seat and a headrest that they can prop their head on if they go to sleep.

safety 1st elite 80safety 1st elite 80

I like how easy the seat is to install, the body protection the GCell HX foam offers and the Air Protect advanced cushion system that protects their heads.

As I start to get the kids ready for back to school it’s hard to think that the Summer has come and gone so quickly.  But when I look back at all of the incredible places we’ve been and the memories we have I am thankful for the two month break.

Our Summer Journey - ALbion Falls Hamilton

When you are busy planning a trip or day out details like car seat safety shouldn’t add extra stress.   Chose the right seat the first time so that you know it will keep up with your family’s busy life!

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