Pacific Reproductive Center Introduces “IVF Second Chances” Program

Invitro fertilization(IVF) can be costly, and does not always work the first time through. For those reasons, Pacific Reproductive Center has begun a program offering a free IVF treatment to couples who did not succeed the first time through.

The “IVF Second Chances” program from Pacific Reproductive Center was created to help couples who desperately want to become parents, but lack the financial means to pay for a second treatment. Pacific Reproductive Center believes that their success rates are high enough that they can afford to offer free help to the couples who need a second try.

“Many patients have little or no insurance coverage for assisted reproductive technology and often perceive the highest quality fertility treatments to be beyond their reach,” said Rifaat Salem M.D., Ph.D., Medical Director and Founder of PRC. “We want to help as many couples as we can get the treatment they need.”

When a couple comes in for their first treatment, eggs are harvested to be fertilized and implanted into the women’s uterus. Any eggs that are unused are usually frozen to be used in second attempts. Frozen eggs, however, have a lower success rate than fresh eggs. Pacific Reproductive Center offers to use freshly harvested eggs during the second attempt, rather than frozen eggs, to increase the woman’s chances of becoming pregnant.

Pacific Reproductive Center, in Southern California, says their success rates are among the highest in the nation for IVF. Parents who are trying to become pregnant and looking at IVF may find themselves drawn to this company very quickly. – Summer, staff writer

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