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Parents Break Into Daycare After Baby is Left Behind After Closing

A mom is happy to have her baby safe in her arms after the daycare facility that looked after her son to locked up for the day – leaving the child in a crib unattended.

Sharonda Ross told ABC News she arrived at Joann’s Day Care and Camp 45 minutes later than usual following a mix up with her husband about who was supposed to pick the baby up.  But when the couple got to the facility the lights were off and they could see their 10-month-old son in a crib crying.

Joann's daycare and camp

After banging on the window, she and her husband decided to take drastic measures.

“I put my phone on record and start recording it. He breaks the window. We start breaking the glass out. He goes in and I’m still recording it the whole time. He comes (back) and there’s my baby — just left,” the mother said. “Nobody’s here, no cars, no nothing. I called the day care several times on my way to make sure to see if he’s at home and on the way back and my child’s here at day care by himself, no supervision. Nobody’s here.”

Sharonda Ross

On Wednesday morning, the daycare’s owner Joann Davis responded to the claims to Eyewitness News.

“First I’m deeply, terribly sorry.  I thank God he was ok… It was our mistake. I’m not saying it’s not… but the main thing is the baby’s okay, and I’m sorry as I can be.”

Shortly after a letter was sent to the other parents at the daycare updating them on the situation.

“You will probably see our story on the news and we are not running from this.”

“The baby was given a bath, because he was uncomfortable due to a diaper rash,”  Joann continued.  “The teacher fed him, bathed him, changed him and placed him in his crib to rest while she finished cleaning the room.”

According to Click2Houston, no charges have been filed.  State officials were out to the day care on Wednesday interviewing teachers and the kids but the investigation is still ongoing.

Sharonda is just thankful that her son was unharmed.

“It’s a sense of relief knowing that you can hear your child, you have a sense of where he’s at, but it’s just overwhelming, the initial not knowing,” Ross said.


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