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Parents Expecting One Baby, Get Three

This story is just as crazy as the mom who went to the hospital with stomach pains and came home with twins.

A North Dakota family was expecting a big baby, but what they got was a bit more than they anticipated. Lynnette Johnson gave birth at home to not one, but three babies on November 14th.

Marissa, Silas and Anna came as a surprise — mom and dad were only expecting one baby.

The birth weight of her older children Christopher and Abigail had been about 10 pounds each so when the midwife they were using said she heard only one heartbeat they assumed they were just having another big baby. They never had an ultrasound.

Once the babies started coming they called 9-1-1. The two girls were doing well but Silas was having trouble breathing and ended up in the hospital for 17 days. He’s home now and doing fine.

Now at just over two months all three weigh between eight and nine pounds each.

The Johnson’s are receiving help from family and friends, who come over and help with the many feedings and many diaper changes.

Big brother Christopher is even taking on some duties.

The Johnsons are planning to have more children in the future and despite the midwife’s last miscalculation they’ll hire her again.

What a miracle! Triplets, probably close to full term (which never happens), born at HOME with one only needing to stay in the hospital for just over 2 weeks. This family is very blessed.



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