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Parents Seek Help For Surgery After Baby Arrives With Four Arms, Four Legs

Sara and Virgilio Desuyo are seeking financial help for a major operation after their first born baby arrives with four arms, four legs and two sex organs. The baby, who was born just 3 days ago, is still confined to the nursery on advice of the doctors attending to the case.

Dr. Edgar Garcia, provincial hospital chief, said the baby was born with an abdominal wall defect that would require an operation to prevent occurrence of infection.

“The baby is healthy and weighs 2.9 kilos when it was born. We hope that after the operation, she may live a normal and healthy life,” Garcia said.

Garcia said the defect might be from an undeveloped twin, which did not fully develop when it was still in the mother’s womb.

The occurrence of a baby being born attached to a parasitic twin seems to be increasing.

Last year Lakshmi Tatma made the news after doctors successfully removed her 2 extra arms and 2 extra legs.

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