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Pennsylvania Mom Has A McBaby

A Pennsylvania mom shocked breakfast goers yesterday morning when she delivered her baby in bathroom at her local McDonalds.

The expectant mom went into the women’s restroom shortly after 9:30am and delivered a full-term baby boy a few minutes later, much to the surprise – and delight — of customers and staff.

Mother and son were transferred to Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital shortly after the delivery. They are both in stable condition. The pair could not be identified because of medical privacy regulations.

“She went in the bathroom,” said restaurant manager Stephanie Tomlin. “Pretty soon, another woman came out of the restroom and said the girl in the next stall was having a baby. It was extremely exciting.”

The birth was assisted by a McDonald’s staffer , who is an emergency medical technician.

“I helped,” she said. “But the baby was pretty much out by the time I got there.”

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  • Talk about super sizing!!
    I like the touch about the diners being ‘delighted’… Maybe it’s because I’m a guy and I love me my McChicken, but if some woman was delivering a baby in the bathroom while I tried to enjoy my value meal, I’d be a little put out.
    This could turn “Would you like fries with that?” to “Would you like amniotic fluid with that?”

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