Potty Woes

Potty Woes

By Cleo

My daughter just turned 2 and a half and she’s had a potty training chair for about a year now. She loves to sit in it and have me read her books. She loves playing in it, but refuses to sit on it without a diaper on. This sure makes potty training difficult.

Last week I was in a children’s store and saw a “Dora the Explorer” toilet insert and a matching step stool. I had to buy it, she LOVES Dora!

Nicola, my daughter, recently watched her 4 year old cousin using the adult toilet. She seemed really interested and talked about it for weeks after so… I put two and two together and felt I got my answer to potty training.

The first day Nicola saw the Dora insert on the toilet she couldn’t get her diaper off fast enough. Thank goodness for Dora. She’d climb up on the toilet, give a small tinkle, tear some toilet paper and wipe (messily of course). She’d then climb off wipe her hands and run out of the bathroom. This process was repeated for about 40 minutes until she exhausted herself. A couple hours later we went through the whole thing again.

The next day I really thought we were getting somewhere when after 10 minutes of this routine I went out of the bathroom to check on her only to discover she pee’d on the carpet!

So much for progress. I guess she’s a little scared to fully pee in the toilet. You know what they say, “practice makes perfect”.

I guess it could have been worse, were lucky it wasn’t number 2.

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