Pregnant? Avoid flip-flops!

Even woman who has been pregnant knows that simple foot wear works the best during the last few months of pregnancy. Contrary to what most people think, experts say that flat shoes, like high heels, are not suitable for expecting mothers.


Ms Jessie Phua, a senior podiatrist at Changi General Hospital, calls ultra-low footwear such as flat pumps and flip-flops “bad footwear”, which are “not meant for daily use”.

The reasoning: Similar to high heels, flipflops are unable to provide the stability and support needed especially during pregnancy when the woman’s “back takes on a fair amount of added load and stress”.

And if you do slip, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to catch your fall, warned Dr Ang Huai Yan, an obstetrician and gynaecologist in private practice.

“With slippers, there’s nothing to hold onto the base of the foot. Also, a lot of ladies’ sandals are made of smooth bases which can be very slippery,” she said.

“Ideal footwear should have ankle straps such as Velcro fasteners or laces, have a broad base at the heel and forefoot and extra depth if there is swelling,” she said.

Dr Ang also advised against buying closed toe shoes for mums with swollen feet. New footwear should also be bought to keep up with your feet’s changing sizes.


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