Pregnant Teacher Loses Her Job

A federal judge in New York has ruled that a Seventh-Day Adventist school has the right to fire a teacher who became pregnant out of wedlock.

U.S. District Judge Dora Irizarry in Brooklyn found that the teacher, Jewel Redhead, was more like a member of the clergy than a teacher, the New York Post reported. Irizarry, who issued her ruling Monday, said that Redhead was supposed to bring religion into all subjects she taught at a religious school in Queens..

Under the First Amendment, religious groups can set their own standards for clergy and do not have to obey non-discrimination laws that interfere with their beliefs.

The teacher said that she plans to appeal the ruling.

“I’m more adamant in my stance that the church was wrong in the way they treated me,” Redhead said.

While it’s ideal to have two parents who are married and committed to one another raising a family together, many families do just as well even though mom and dad aren’t married.

For all we know, this teacher could be in a relationship with someone that she has been with for years….



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