President’s Choice Organic Formula

President’s Choice is usually first to come out with a product. They helped introduce “organic” products to major chain grocery shoppers.

President’s Choice Organic Formula is the first organic baby formula in Canada. Until now, if you wanted organic baby formula you had to order it in from the U.S., pay shipping charges and exchange rates. Not to mention the two week wait for it to be shipped and received. Now if you run out you can just head down to your local Loblaws Grocery store to get some.

Some quick facts:

  • Certified by an independent 3rd party to assure the product meets with specific organic standards and produced in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture.
  • Iron-fortified and provides a well-balanced combination of protein, minerals, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates and nucleotides.
  • Contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), an omega 3 fatty acid and ARA (Arachidonic Acid), an omega 6 fatty acid, two ingredients found naturally in breast milk.
  • In compliance with the standard for infant formulas in the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations ensuring nutritional adequacy for growth and development as well as the health and safety of all manufacturing and quality control processes.

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