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Product Review: Diaper Cake Walk’s Jungle Safari Pink 4 Tier Diaper Cake

Last week I received Diaper Cake Walk’s 4tier Jungle Safari Diaper Cake.

It arrived in a box that was almost taller than my son and was packaged so perfectly that it appeared to have been shipped from my neighbours house.

This was an impressive feat considering it traveled almost 1,000 miles to get to me.

The cake, which is made from pampers swaddlers, is close to 20” height. It has 4 tiers of diapers(70-75), a pacifier, Johnson’s baby power, Johnson’s baby lotion, 2 super soft cloths and a Pink hippo named Darly, which is made by Russ. It is tastefully decorated with pink safari ribbon, green polka dot ribbons and silk gerber daisies.

Aside from it being a great idea as a centre piece for a baby shower, diaper cakes are an ideal gift for second, third or fourth time moms.

Even the mom that has everything, still needs to diaper her baby. An elegant cake like the one pictured is a nice way to be practical and creative.

Shower Game Idea: Since many of the diaper cakes have baby care items affixed to the outside of the cake, it’s great fun to walk the diaper cake around the room (as you would with the tray of baby items) and then put the cake out of sight and ask participants to write down as many items as they can remember, and also to guess the number of diapers the cake is constructed with.

The other style diaper cake (where each diaper is rolled up like a jelly roll) has the items hidden on the inside. Included is a free guessing game template with those cakes, ready to make copies of and distribute at the baby shower. Guests can guess what all is hidden inside the diaper cake and again, how many diapers it’s made with.

One of the things I like the best about Diaper Cake Walk is that they don’t leave out Environmentally friendly parents. They are the only company that offers a green choice for moms-to-be.

The Pink Plaid EcoFriendly diaper cake is constructed with approx. 55 size 1 Seventh Generation disposable diapers, and includes Seventh Generation baby wipes, Baby Avalon organic cornstarch baby powder, Baby Avalon soothing Zinc diaper balm, & Baby Avalon protective A, D, & E ointment hidden inside the cake.

With almost 90 styles to choose from, I would be surprised if you weren’t able to find a cake that match your theme.

They even have diaper cakes that are shaped like a castle, which are currently out of stock, due to their popularity.

For a better look at their full selection, please visit the company’s official site

*Please note: Because my cake was too beautiful to take apart, I will be giving it away to one lucky reader later this week. Please check back for details.*

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