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Product Review: GoGo Kidz Travelmate

If you are planning to travel by airplane with your toddler or infant in the near future, I would highly recommend purchasing a GoGo Babyz Kidz Travelmate.

This amazing ‘board’ on wheels will turn your clunky, awkward car seat into an exciting fun ride for your child.

Connecting to the back of the seat, the Kidz Travelmate allows you to roll your child through the airport with the same ease as a suitcase.

This will allow you to have a seat that you are familiar with at your final destination, give your child a safe structured spot to sit in on the airplane and help you get them through the airport quickly during high traffic vacations seasons.

It is extremely lightweight, easy to remove/attach, and has a telescopic handle that is adjustable to the many heights.

We recently used this travelmate on two flights to the Caribbean. We have a Britax Decathalon Car Seat and this 2 wheeled unit was a godsend. It was a breeze to whip through the airport, with our son so comfortable that he spent most of his time sleeping, which he never does in his stroller.

Many people commented with envy as we flew through the airport with sleeping baby in tow.The Gogo Babyz Travelmate made our long trek through 3 airports, 2 hotels and one cruise ship a dream.

Before heading out on vacation with the travelmate please check these helpful tips:

  1. Practice attaching your gogo Kidz Travelmate to your car seat PRIOR to your travel day. Do not hesitate to call Go-Go Babyz (408.360.0653) to have someone walk you through the set up. Once you attach to your car seat for the first time, practice a few more times and you will find it to be very easy and fast. In addition, with a little practice, you should be able to attach the gogo Kidz Travelmate to your car seat in the upright position, even with a sleeping child in the car seat.
  2. It is a great idea to travel with a back pack rather than a shoulder strap bag. The back pack will allow you to have both hands free: one for wheeling your car seat and the other for holding your boarding pass. (Baby Sherpa makes a great diaper back pack)
  3. If your car seat does not fit through the x-ray machine with the gogo Kidz attached, ask security to take your seat (with the gogo Kidz attached) to the side to hand wand rather than having to remove the gogo Kidz from your seat.
  4. Your car seat will not fit down the aisle of the airplane. If you will be using your car seat on the airplane, take your child out of the seat just prior to boarding. Wheel your car seat onto the plane and put the handle in the lowest position so at the last minute, you can pick up your car seat by the gogo Kidz handle to carry down the aisle of the plane.
  5. If you do not have a separate seat for your child on the airplane, take advantage of the easy ability to use your car seat as your stroller through the airport and gate check. This will allow you to safely and securely have your child ride through the airport and have your car seat for layovers, or simply at your final destination. Remember, the taxi cab will most likely NOT have a car seat for the ride from the airport to your destination.

Please visit the Gogo Kidz Official Site at www.gogobabyz.com for more information.


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