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Product Review: My Baby Nest Baby Carrier

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Baby Nest Baby Carrier.

This carrier is unique because it looks like a sling or a wrap, but it isn’t. It carries your baby in the same close and intimate nature without all of the frustration of having to wrap your baby up with long never ending straps.

Each Baby Nest Carrier comes with the carrier, which is two pieces of fabric looped together, a sash that can be used for extra support and a carrier bag. It is made of a soft cotton from Europe that is machine washable.

Each carrier is designed to hold a child weighing between 5 and 35lbs, with parents having the choice of 5 comfortable positions to hold their precious cargo in.

My son weighs 22lbs and does not like to be in traditional carrier positions. I like the side ‘hip position’ because it allows him to still be carried conventionally, but with support so that my hands are free to pay for my groceries, eat my lunch or hold stuff for him. The sash allows me to have extra support when my son sees something he wants and is moving in the opposite direction.

Parents will find that their choices for carrying baby will not be limited. In fact this carrier will accommodate you in most situations including discreet breast feeding, tummy to tummy and the forward facing front position.

Manipulating the carrier into the desired position takes a bit of time and patience, but The Baby Nest website has step by step instructions for parents who need some assistance. Once you have mastered the basics, you will probably find positions that are not listed on your own.

The Baby Nest Carrier comes in 5 colors and 3 sizes. Each carrier is sized to fit the individual parent. Not sure which size to get? The official site has sizing information to help.


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