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Product Review: Peg Perego Skate

Peg Perego Skate in bassinet modeWhile at the ABC trade show in Vegas last September, I fell in love with this stroller as soon as I saw the demo.

Everything about this stroller excited me. The fabrics, the features and the handling.

Over the last few weeks, we have been testing one out. I have played with every gadget, option and button.

Here is what I found:

Installation: Not too Bad! When the stroller arrived I needed to put the wheels on(they clip in), put the 5- point harness together and pop the bassinet in.

The Skate instructional manual is excellent for describing exactly what needs to be done. It takes you through the entire process step by step, covering every feature the stroller has.

The bassinet comes in infant mode because most parents who will be buying this stroller will be doing so for a new infant.

Getting Started – This stroller unfolds so easily with just one lever. Once you unclip the side locks and fold the handle bar up, simply put your foot in the ‘fold’ lever and the whole frame will slide up. Once in place you will feel it lock.

Comfort and Features – The Skate has 3 height positions for the bassinet, infant seat and toddler seat mode, plus there are three recline positions when in toddler seat mode.

The bassinet is so spacious than my 2 year old is able to lay down in it comfortably with room to spare on the sides. In less that 20 seconds parents, caregivers or grandparents can convert the bassinet into the toddler seat with the 3 straps provided for an upright stroll if necessary.

2008 Peg Perego Skate configurations

I love the generous size of the bassinet’s hood. It provides privacy for a sleeping baby and also some extra shade from the sun, if cruising upright. The extra zipper sewn into the middle hood allows parents to shorten the hood’s range without the whole thing looking sloppy.

Also included with the stroller is a rain cover, which easily zips into the inside of the hood.

2008 Peg Perego Skate facing inMy son absolutely loves riding in his Skate. This is the first ‘facing me’ stroller we have had and it is nice because I can see what he is up to. It makes it easier to give snacks, bottles and toys to play with while we are out shopping. I find that he doesn’t get as fussy when we are out because I can talk with him face to face as opposed to talking to him without seeing what is happening.

The bassinet is able to be faced out or turned to face you.

Instead of using a traditional 5-point harness, Peg Perego uses a ‘freedom of movement’ 5-point harness that is not fastened to the seat of the stroller. While I like that my son is able to move around more freely when we are out, I would prefer a harness that keeps him more in order.

The robust wheels and strong aluminum frame make this stroller REALLY nice to drive. Steel ball bearings incorporated into all four wheels provide easy rolling and smooth, responsive steering. The front wheels swivel or lock, and the rear wheels have air-filled inner tubes (a convenient air pump is also included).

The Skate’s ability to turn on a dime is a nice feature to have while out at the busy mall. I like that I am able to push it easily with one hand, if my son needs me to carry him.

The telescopic handle can be adjusted for parents of different heights and the adjustable-angle handle eliminates undue stress on your neck and back.

2008 Peg Perego Skate storageStorage – This stroller doesn’t have a storage basket, it just has an elastic tray on the bottom with 2 bungee cords to hold your goods in. I was skeptical about this setup because there are no sides to hold bags in, just the cords. I tested the whole thing just before Easter while out picking up some last minute things. I was pleasantly surprised at how much stuff this tray holds. As I kept buying, it kept holding – securely.

Extra Storage Tip: If you purchase the matching Borsa skate diaper bag, you can secure it to the bottom of the stroller to give you sheltered storage or attach it to the handlebars for easy access to bottles or toys.

Peg Perego Skate foldedTravel – All 4 wheels detach to reduce the size of the skate for traveling. Would I bring this stroller on a plane? NO! It is not that I don’t think the Skate could do the trip because I know that it would travel just fine, my worry would be about the condition it would arrive at your destination in. I would never allow a baggage handler the opportunity to destroy my stroller because he is in a hurry and the plane needs to be loaded quickly.

However, I would change my mind if Peg Perego introduced a strong travel bag for the stroller to go in. At this time, nothing like this exists.

Additional Accessories – This stroller comes with a cup holder, foot muff and rain cover. The Borsa skate bag and Primo Viaggio SIP Car Seat are also available at an additional cost.

2008 Peg Perego Skate chassisTwo adapters are included with the stroller for Peg Perego’s 30/30 Primo Viaggio SIP Car Seat. Parents of sleeping newborns will appreciate how easy it is to transfer their precious cargo from the vehicle to the frame of the stroller.

As I go through all of the features of this stroller, I can’t help but feel like Peg Perego has thought of everything when designing the Skate.I would highly recommend the Skate to any parent. This stroller has the ability to grow with your family from newborn up to 40lbs.
The bassinet’s ability to convert from a secure space for your infant into a comfortable upright seat for your toddler is definitely a huge selling point. This feature reduces the need to store extra stroller gear as your child gets older.

At a rumored price of close to $1000, this stroller falls into the splurge category.

The one thing you should remember is that it exceeds any product in it’s category, making it the better choice for parents who are looking for a stroller that is going to last.

Stats and dimensions:

2008 Peg Perego Skate specs
More information can be found at Peg Perego’s official Skate website.


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  • As of now (November2008) i have found this stroller online at the price of $550!!! half the price of what it originally started, and with my baby due in about two weeks i am really looking forward to everything this stroller has to offer. my husband and i compared it side by side to the bugaboo cameleon and i found that the options that the skate offers surpass the bugaboo! 🙂
    thanks for the review!

  • Thanks for the review!

    My wife and I bought a Bubbles Green Skate and are very happy with it (baby due in February!). For those in Canada TJ Kids on the west coast is selling it for $649.

  • Hi.

    did your brand new baby loved to ride in the bassinet when lets say you went to the mall or a restaurant for instance?

    I am trying to buy this stroller so I dont have to buy the newborn car seat/carrier for the regular travel systems stroller. I would hate to carry those heavy things. I just want a car seats that is always in the car and then I can have the bassinet and this stroller to take him out. pleas advise!!!!

    I loved your review, because I didnt want to spend this much without having someone like you reviewing it for me. thanks a lot!!!

  • This stroller is a dream at the mall and everywhere.

    I have heard many people say that it is heavy, but I personally don’t have any issues getting it into and out of my SUV.

    I highly recommend this stroller.

  • We bought this stroller, but are still waiting for the baby to arrive before we can really try it out.
    We want to use it as the baby’s bed for the first 2-3 months. Has anyone tried this? I’m wondering about whether I should get a liner or extra mattress to go inside, in order to make cleaning easier, protect the stroller, and also maybe to even out the bump in the middle where the harness is hidden. However, I can’t find anything that would fit (other than the ridiculously priced liner sold by Peg that looks like nothing more than a regular sheet), and I’m also not sure that it’s a good idea safety-wise.
    The stroller looks really sleek, but there are 2 concerns I have with it so far. One is that the bassinet doesn’t seem to lie perfectly flat. Maybe that doesn’t matter, but has anyone else noticed? Also, the folding works well, but only when the bassinet is facing away from you, which is not the way that you would normally have it.

  • I love this stroller; we got it a year a go when it first came out. Our baby is now 10 months old and can still sleep in the bassinet if she falls asleep sitting up I just convert it back to the bassinet. When I fist got it the bassinet did not lay flat but when I put her in it seemed to be better, I also adjusted it a few times and then it went flat. Now it is always flat. It is a little heavy getting it in an out of the car, but if you have to do that several times a day get the Peg perago that fold like an umbrella stroller, When I fold it for the car I find taking the set off works best. The stroller is great in NYC, over all the bumps and curbs I would not tread it for something else. I almost never used it to carry the car set but when I did my sister who had the bugaboo was envious how easy it converted. The bottom netting is good to. I put all the groceries down there and have not had a problem with it. I have carried four supermarket bags down there, with things like a gallon of milk and a large jug of OJ and many other heavy thing at the same time and it had held up. It is great for walking to, I don’t jog, but walk a fast pace and it works well to.
    I would buy it again with out a question. I don’t want to give it up when she gets to big for it

  • My wife and I are expecting in July and have purchased the Skate as well as the Bassinet stand. Our concern lies not with the bassinet, but the fitted sheet. A standard bassinet sheet does not fit, so we opted to use our change pad sheet, which seems to cover it fine and snug, but would this be a safety issue? What has anyone else used for this other than the $40 sheet Peg sells for it? It is nice to hear the baby sleeps well in the bassinet.

  • I have had to return this stroller twice for repairs and am going to return it a third time now…
    First Return: before my baby was even born I noticed the bassinet was tilted towards where baby’s feet would go. There was a defect in the frame.
    Second Return: brakes broke and kept getting stuck. I got stuck somewhere because brakes would not come off and ended up asking someone to hold my baby while i disassembled it, turned it upside down and kicked the brake with extreme force to get it off.
    Third Return: My baby is not even a year old and his head touches the top of the stroller, even though I have flattened the top cushion meant for newborns in the bassinet. Also, the snap on the shade has been broken since I got it, I just kept forgetting to mention it since there were so many other things to remember. Oh, and the “5 point” safety harness does not stay in place. You have to manually put it together and the clip that holds the shoulder straps in place does not stay AT ALL. My baby can sit up from a lying down position and easily pull the clip out in doing so.

    Oh, and as for the foot muff, it should not be magnetic. If you want to put a blanket on your baby underneath the muff the two little magnets are not strong enough to keep the muff in place. If it’s cold enough for a foot muff, it’s cold enough for a blanket… so the muff is rather pointless.

    If you are going to invest this kind of money in a stroller, get the Bugaboo. It’s the most popular luxury stroller for a reason.

    Also, I had to invest in another stroller (which was $600 cheaper and WAY better!) while all of these repairs were being done and will never see reimbursement for my money or inconvenience. This stroller has been nothing but a hassle for me. I am going to ask them to take it back… Peg Perego won’t be seeing another penny from me.

  • Gillian,

    There are a few points in your comment I agree with.

    5-point harness: I have never been fond of Peg’s version of a 5-point harness. The use something called ‘freedom of movement’, but we call it freedom to get away when mommy’s not looking.

    Foot Muff: This accessory sits in my garage to have never been used. It definitely could have been better designed. I just use a ‘secure 2 me’ blanket with clips on it when out in cold weather.

    Our stroller has never needed repairs and it has been used extensively. I love the smooth ride and convertible bassinet. Not having to buy too many pieces saves a lot of space.

  • I agree about the foot muff – it’s useless and doesn’t stay on. We have issues with the brakes too but I just thought it was the style…And I do think the unit is heavy.

    Otherwise, we love this stroller! Our son is totally confortable and it’s easy to maneuver. And, it does hold a lot!

    My only complaint is that we have another baby on the way and I am not sure if we will keep this stroller or have to sell it and find something that can accomodate two kids under two. Any suggestions?

  • Gillian, Jennifer, etc., the foot muff has elastic bands on each side near the top where it can then be connected securely to the outer screws on each side of the bumper bar. You will notice that there is an extra space between the screws and the bumper bar for this reason. I have had no problems with it staying put.

  • Gillian, I agree I do not like the harness, nor the foot muff. I am forever fastening the harness to the back of the seat as it always slips out (those who don’t have one: check it out when you’re at the shops). J Murray, yes the foot muff is fastened at the bottom with the buttons and the top with the elastic around the screws…but the cold wind can still get all around the sides. The magnets are useless!! Instead of magnets, you should be able to zip it all up so no air can get in.

    One problem/fault I have had with it is the height adjustment of the bassinet: there are 3 different heights it can click into but I can only use the lowest . If I try and raise the bassinet closer to me, it clicks in fine but if I go over a bump (even a small one!), one side unclicks and slides down!! So the bassinet is then uneven/lopsided. I guess I should take it to get repaired!!

    Furthermore, it doesn’t come with a toddler attachment like a lot of other prams do (so if you’re having 2 bubs close together it’s not accommodating) and it is also rather heavy.

    My partner hates the thing! He thinks it’s bulky, heavy, ugly and unjustifiably expensive! BUT, after all the negatives, it does ride really well and the swivel wheels are fantastic. I like all the different positions (layback/flat, reclined, or upright/sitting up). The elasticised basket” serves well, the rain cover and bottle holder are great. The hood is really handy and probably the highlight of the pram! You wouldn’t even need a sunshade. My 4 year old sister has even been in it twice! Albeit, her head was touching the top of the pram and her legs were dangling out of it but at least I know I will get a few years use out of it. I also, bought a nice pram liner from a different brand to make it more cushiony and nicer to ride/sleep in.

    Oh and I must mention what sold me on the Skate…was the capsule that clicks straight onto the pram frame. So when bubs is asleep in the car you can just take out the capsule and click it onto the pram and away you go – no need to lift him out and wake him up! Too bad my bub only lasted in the capsule for 4 months (and he’s not even a big boy either). It definitely doesn’t fit up to 9kg! I’d be very suprised…my son was about 6kg when he wouldn’t fit anymore (sorry I’m in Aus so I don’t know what that is in lbs!)

    If I had to do it all again…I’d probably check out the competition – the Bugaboo, as I know nothing about it but keep seeing them everywhere!

  • Buyer Beware!!! DO NOT BUY A SKATE!!! We bought the Skate because we loved the functionality and design behind the Skate. We were told how great Peg was and that this company was top of the line for quality! HA! What a piece of overpriced junk! My stroller has a warped tire that makes pushing the stroller on a smooth service (mall) feel like a busted shopping cart. My baby was born in June 09 and she is too “heavy” and slides to the bottom of the boot when in the basinet position. Complained to Peg and they sent us replacement pins for the seat, they are the exact same pins and made no difference. I cannot even put the stroller into the seat position because there is about 3 inches of play in the frame. The latest! Last week my frame snapped at a plastic elbow joint. We too have had to purchase another stroller. Kicking ourselves for buying this stroller!!!!

  • Hi there,

    It’s a toss up for me between the peg perego skate and the bugaboo frog. Does anyone know if the skate has the capacity to add a stand or “wheeled board” for a second child (toddler)?


  • Do not buy the Skate!

    We purchased this stroller because it was recommended by a sales person and its features. In actual use this stroller has proven to be very poorly made. Our stroller arrived with two warped tires (which Peg replaced), but this was only the beginning of our problems. The basinet does not recline/adjust properly because the pins in the mechanism get stuck. Recently, the plastic elbow joint connecting the two aluminum bars snapped rendering the stroller completely inoperable.

    Save yourself a lot of grief and keep you baby safe, do not buy this stroller.

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