Product Review: The Comfy Easy PC System

Lately, my son has taken a keen interest in my computer and all the things that go with it. We often find him moving the mouse around or trying to type on the keyboard.

This has lead us to look into kids computer games/systems that attach to the computer so that he could have his own purpose for using it.

This is how we found Comfy.

The Comfy Easy PC System impressed me for many reasons.

First, because of the unusually quick installation. This system comes with only 3 pieces. The console, the usb cable and the install disk. There are no power cords, cartridges or joysticks.

Even the most PC challenged parent will find this system a breeze to get going. All you need to do is load up the install disk, plug the console into your computer and you are ready to go.

Each unit comes with a starter program, which is for beginners aged 1 – 3 yrs. Additional programs/themes are available for purchase as your child’s developmental level increases.

We loved that each game also had 3 different levels of learning built into it as well.

The first level eases your child into the program and introduces them to the characters. As you go up in levels, each key does a bit more.

The characters on the screen are bright, vivid and nicely animated. The graphics remind me of Babytv – that is controllable by your child.

I have to say that when this unit is not in use we have to keep it hidden and out of sight. If given the chance, our son would play with this system all day. He never tires of hearing the moon yawn, the little boy answer the phone or the instruments play.

The Easy PC System has been designed with toddlers in mind, and fits their motor and cognitive skills. The System allows young children to enjoy and learn from various activities, without requiring reading skills or the ability to use a computer mouse. Children progress at their own pace according to their own level, interest and growth.

I would not hesitate to recommend this system to any parent for use with their toddler or preschooler. Comfy was able to keep our little man in one place for a good length of time, which is unusual. He learned his shapes/colours music instruments. We have also started to introduced him to Christmas with the additional “Christmas in Comfyland” cd.

The control panel consists of 19 colourful buttons, a spin roller and a pause key. Each time a button is pushed the system reacts with an animated image on the screen.

  • The Spin-Roller temporarily changes the tempo of events on the screen. The faster the child spins the roller, the quicker the tempo of the events. It is an amusing way to interact with various activities.
  • Pressing a Musical key will introduce a chosen musical instrument and play a melody typical of that instrument. When your child continues to press the same music key, the melody will gradually change in tempo and the melody itself will change.
  • The 6 color keys are used as various functions and in many different activities. Their functionality changes from software to software – sometimes they will be used as colors, sometimes as navigation and control tools.
  • The weather keys teach children to recognize weather characteristics, seasons and the hours of the day, by pressing the sun, moon and cloud keys and seeing how the weather changes in Comfyland. These keys will sometimes have a crucial role, since the Comfy characters will ask your child to change the weather in order for the plot to continue.

Each additional software package comes with a new overlay for the keyboard, changing the look of the console and making it a new toy all over again.

The official website has an online demo for parents to ‘virtually play’ with the unit. It is the basic introductory program that was designed to get toddlers started with the program, but still gives you an idea of the sharp graphics and appealing characters.

The unit is sold at many retailers including for $59.99. It is available in 21 languages with more being translated on an ongoing basis.

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