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Product Review: The Quick Zip Sheet

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Quick Zip Sheet made by Clouds and Stars, Inc($34.99). Included in my package were the Quick Zip Crib Sheet Set, the Flat Mattress Pad, and the Portable Play Yard Sheet. Upon receiving the products, I read through the information pamphlet and instructions, then promptly ripped the old crib sheet off the mattress and got to work!

As I have mentioned before, my four-month-old daughter tends to spit up… a lot. That’s the reason I was so excited to try these sheets. Although our nursery is decorated with theme bedding and accessories that have very earthy tones, I had no problem putting the non-matching pink gingham sheet set in her crib (other colours are available that will fit in with most decors).

The initial (first time only) installation of the zipper base was a little more challenging than I anticipated. It’s like putting a fitted sheet on a mattress upside down. I suggest doing it with a partner to limit your frustration. However, once I wrestled it on, everything else was easy. The flat mattress pad fit perfectly under the edges of the zipper base, ensuring that it would remain flat as my little girl wriggles around in her sleep. It is waterproof (great for the spitter!) and made with 200-thread count 100% cotton (very comfy!).

The next step was to zip on the zipper sheet, which fit snugly eliminating any concerns about loose bedding. The zipper is covered by the high-quality fabric and can be tucked away so little ones can’t play with it. Then came the moment of truth… after my daughter’s first nap on the sheets (and inevitable spit-up), I zipped the sheet off the base and tossed it into the washing machine in a matter of seconds without having to remove bumpers (if we were still using them) or struggle with a mattress! Genius! I strongly suggest purchasing additional zipper sheets so there is always a clean one while the others are in the wash.

The Portable Play Yard Sheet ($16.99) was incredibly easy to use. It slides over the play yard mattress like a pillowcase and is held closed by Velcro for a snug and secure fit. The top of the sheet is quilted and made with the same quality 200 thread-count, 100% cotton as the Zipper Sheet. This will come in very handy when we have overnight visitors with little ones.

The Quick Zip Sheet Set has completely lived up to my expectations and I plan to give them as baby shower gifts in the future. I’m also interested in the Twin Quick Zip as I have a three-year-old who has just stopped wearing diapers at night (ugh). This is a great product for anyone who has ever had to change crib sheets… and as a mother who does it daily, I highly recommend them.

More information is available on the company’s site

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